Dr. Alexander Sztrasnij                            Alexander Strashny M.D.
                                       psychotherapist, writer

Education:  Kiev Medical University;
                   Ukrainian Institute of Advanced Medical Studies;
                   Vietnam National Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine;
                   Tavistok Model of Group Dynamic (San Rafael, USA);
                   International University Maharishi Aurved;
                   Hungarian School of Alternative Medicine
Main activities: Practical work with patients: oriental and alternative diagnostics and non-drug treatment; conducting workshops and courses for healers or medical doctors (alternative medicine: irisdiagnostics, accupressure, bioenergy, visual psychodiagnoses and others); conducting seminars for patients of using self-hypnoses, self-healing, self-regulations.
Has practical experience working as a lector and a healer in Hungary, Switzerland and USA.
Languages: fluent in English, Hungarian, Russian; understand German.     
                                                      Books: Manual of Self-regulations
                                                                    From Illusions to Reality

                                                                    The Secrets of Alternative Medicine
                                                                    In a Healthy Body is Healthy Spirit
                                                                    Dr. Shulavsky’s Stories
                                                                    The Temple of Aphrodite
                                                                    Ukrainian Mentality


Forditotta: Lendvai Endre   Kiadja: SHL Hungary Kft 1999;  EDGE 2000 kiado 2003

  The Secrets of Alternative Medicine  

    In the natural healing almost every body is an expert (like in razing children or in soccer) and even so it is surrounded by a mystical fog. Alexander Strashny shows that the natural healing requires rather deep knowledge and he opens his practice at the same time: come in, look around, watch my hand I am not cheating! 
The MD Natural Healer author emphasizes that the Healing is a result of a joint cooperation achieved by the Doctor and Patient. Sick and healthy should be equally prepared for the Natural Healing because we are personally responsible for the health of our body and soul. This book provides for this preparation a substantial help. It reviles the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the Natural Healing (which partially can be conducted by the reader self) and shows the effectiveness of the Natural Healer Patient relation. Prof. Sandor Klein


        The Temple of Aphrodite

    This book is a mysterious love story between a Russian ballerina and an American TV reporter.
    Young ballerina of The Kiev Opera and Ballet theatre has decided to give up her theatre and to find happiness in Europe. The girl came in Austria (unfamiliar country for her) without money, without someone's support and didn't find there any work place. She did not follow the road of "woman of easy virtue", but could find a way out of a situation and make an outstanding career. However, the "woman of easy virtue", the priestess of The Temple of Aphrodite she was in one of her previous lives — in VI century BC, and events of that period of mankind's history are closely bound with her life and contemporary European events. Adventures occur in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Florence, Kiev and in the ancient Greek city Borisfenos. 
    Novel’s plot line is fiction, but it based on real facts. 

Киев, "Факт", 2001 г.

Dr. Shulavsky’s Stories 

    This book contains 80 short stories curious students jokes, cases from practice, travels stories, unexpected love affaires and so on. 
Starting reading this book nobody could give it up.

  Український менталітет

          Ukrainian Mentality  

   This book is unusual because it extends limits of traditional, frankly speaking, standard understanding of the Ukrainians' worldview, it answers in its own way the question: who is the Ukrainian, how do the inhabitants of Ukraine differ from Europeans and Russians, which cards in the deck of Ukrainian mentality are trump, and which are burned.  

 No one book have been published yet in English.
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