ASTRALIT Film Production

Alexander Strashny, Tetyana Baryshpol

in the film


Director - Galina Chernyak
Script - Alexander Strashny
Director of photography - Igor Prymyskyi
Music - Anatoly Shevchenko

The young author dreams of literary career. One by one a few of his books were published. They were favorably received by editors-in-chief, critics, but in the book market they have failed. The author had sensation, that someone or something prevents him to achieve a success. But what? However, there was an occasion which has allowed him to find a proper way. He wrote a new book which became the best-seller. What has helped a nameless author to become the well-known writer? Film is based on real events.



Running time 40 min
Format 4:3 PAL
Language Rus.
Engl. subtitles
ASTRALIT Film Production

Ukraine - Hungary
2012 г.
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